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About Grubby

"Grubby" is sort of a "stage name" that the author of this site (myself) adopted.  It came about from my first attempts at writing HTML script and designing my own pages.  I would tell friends that I built them with my own "grubby little paws." And hence came the name of "Grubby Paws Productions" and the referral to myself as "Grubby Paws"----but mostly just "Grubby" for short.

So it doesn't refer to my appearance.  Although I may have been described as looking a little "scruffy" before----but hopefully not grubby.

You'll also see that Grubby is just a bit camera shy and it's hard to find a picture of him.  But if you look hard you may find him hiding in the background somewhere. So check out the pictures closely and look for his reflection.  If you don't find him right away, remember to keep looking another time.  He does plan on being there someday.