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About This Site

This site was originally started in the spring of '99.  It was my first experience at making a Web "Homepage."  I needed a theme for the page so decided to talk about writing HTML script (the behind the scenes language that causes Web pages to present themselves the way that they do) seeing as where that was what I was learning about at the time. 

It was a very simple Web page at first.  I used only Windows Notepad to write it with.  But it was also very time consuming to do it that way.  So I have since graduated to some nice programs to write and edit HTML.  It makes it much quicker for me and I can now go on to producing pages that may be more involved to write and more fun for others to look at.  I've given up talking about writing HTML---for it was more a personal venture at the time.  I decided to move onto some more "fun" stuff.

  Yet with that said---don't expect anything TOO thrilling here.  Web pages are kind of like those slide shows that you always wanted to show your friends and neighbors.  They always seemed exciting to you--but may have been boring to others.  And so it is now--that I have a conglomeration of things.  It's mostly stuff that I have had fun writing or designing.  There are pictures of places I have been and things that interest me and are happening in my home state of Maine.  Some of it may interest you--and some of it may not.  But I do hope that you will take the time to explore around a bit.  And please keep coming back to see what is new.

My Friends and Fun Links (the left column)---is mostly what is mentioned above.  It's for my friends that ask..."What have ya been up to lately?"  It's a conglomeration of things that interest me, places I have been, or projects that I have done. 

My Business and Sales Links (the right column)---is the side reserved for future business ventures.  I am not sure what they may be.  Perhaps just becoming an e-bay entrepreneur, inventing something that makes me famous, or simply offering services such as web design.  I have not decided yet, what direction my future will take.  So for now there is just a column title with no links yet below it.