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I offer all of this page and all linked pages, that are of my own design, to be picked apart and used in any manner that one desires.  I have enjoyed so much that others have offered as "FREE" on the Net, that I wish to make my own things the same way.

I do not have a complete understanding of the copyright laws, but wish only to retain my rights of credit for my work and the right to contact someone that is using my material in what I deem an offensive manner.  At that point I may or may not ask them to withdraw or modify it.  But unless you have received such a letter from me, you are free to enjoy anything that you find of value on my pages.  But please also read the "Disclaimer" to have a better understanding of the composition of this site.


In writing my own Web pages, I have tried to be respectful of the rights of others.  I try to use images, written text, programs, etc. that are given out as free or that appear to have no copyright restrictions.  Over the years though, I have collected a large amount of such files and inevitably may have a few that do not completely conform to my own rules.

I have found the Web to be a fun and informative place to spend much time.  I offer my own pages with that same theme, for others to enjoy.  I would hope that if I have accidentally incorporated someone else's work that they would not object to the manner in which I have used it.  However, if you are the author of something that I have used, and wish it NOT to be on one of my pages, then please send me an e-mail explaining that.  With some proof that you truly have the rights to the item, I will be glad to remove or modify it if you desire.