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Electronic Projects

This is the beginning of a new page to show electronic projects.  Bear with me as it develops.  It is offered more as an "Inspiration & Idea" page than a "How To Do It." page.  It may become more of a How to Do It page at a later date though.

Below you will find a brief description and pic of the projects.  Click on the corresponding link to open a more detailed page.  Enjoy;-)
40-sm.jpg (17655 bytes)Logging entries onto my computer, for times an alarm was activated,
using a proximity sensor transmitter and receiver--- an optic-coupler--- two 555 timer circuits--- a hacked numerical keyboard--- a hotkey program--- and a hand written dos batch file. Nothin' to it.

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003-sm.jpg (15815 bytes)Electric control for hot air dampers.
This was the prototype design for the hot air ductwork control system that I want to do some day. I took a surplus motor and adapted it to electrically turn the hot air flow in a 6 inch duct to either on or off.

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003-sm.jpg (15815 bytes)Copy/paste buttons to be used through your USB port.
This was the prototype design for a Copy/Paste switch box. I once had a keyboard with Copy/Paste buttons that was soooo handy. But once it wore out I could not find another. Hence this desire to make a box that held just such buttons. This is crude, but works well. I hope to make a better one another day. Mostly, since I could find no such device anywhere else, I posted this in the hope that it may help others who are inspired to try such a thing.

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003-sm.jpg (15815 bytes)4 minute furnace timer..
This was built to run my furnace for 4 minutes each time I pushed the button. I wanted something that would just run for a few minutes and then stop---as a way to warm the house up before getting out of bed on the cold winter mornings. I can keep activating it for 4 minutes at a time and not worry about forgetting and leaving it running by mistake.

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19-sm.jpg (15815 bytes)Control panel to start my standby generator from inside...
I wanted a way to start my outside standby generator from the comfort of being inside. Starting and stopping it was easy-----but in order to choke it I had to modify a small gear motor. See how I decided to do it.

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09-sm.jpg (15815 bytes)Another Optical Coupler as used in an above project----
When discovering an AC voltage that could not be used to trigger a DC relay, Grubby again reverted to the use of an opti-coupler, while dealing with variable DC and AC voltages at the same time.

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