From Grubby ---
whose poetry may not be as grand as Merrit Malloy's
.....but has a similar flavor.
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The many hundred
random acts of kindness
that I cast your way
all of the years that we were together
Were pushed aside
by your disappointment
of a few expectations
that I failed to meet

At the beginning
I didn't know you.
It took time to learn the many things about you
that I grew to love.
I thought I knew you well
until suddenly you left.
In the end
I wonder now.....
if I ever really knew you at all.
Our memories
of everything we have ever experienced
are burned deeply into the cells
of our brains. 
I have recalled things that I had done
40 years ago ...but never thought of since 
They were memories that materialized
with no connection to the day's events. 
I suspect we randomly scan
the libraries of our minds
just to make sure that the books
are all in order. 
You may not be scanning now
. . . but someday you will 
Perhaps then you will find me
sitting on a shelf
And just like old books
that we never throw away
you'll again take me down to read
and will have a smile on your face

While sitting inside
at our computers
we enter a world in our minds 
Our fingers dance across the keyboard
as we chat with friends
both near and far. 
we have never seen
but for in a photograph or two. 
We build this fictitious world to live in
based on written words and pictures
---while outside
realty is passing us by.
There are days when we feel like we could fly
and would be airborne in the skies for hours
---or at least until the fall of night. 
Then there are days
when we feel weighted to the earth
by a belt made of lead
The belt is locked
We don't know where the key is
or how it is opened at times 
I suspect the key is hidden
somewhere deep within
our minds
We should try to search for it someday that we can fly
whenever we want to.

It was easy for me
to give my love to you.
I'm sorry
that it was so hard for you
to give your love to me

When people come and go in our lives
we are told that they were there for a reason
It's said that they bring something to share
that we didn't have before.
But why is it.......
that no one ever seems to stay
Don't we all want someone to share with

Having many relationships in our lives
steals from our ability to share the past
When someone leaves us
have they not taken a piece of us with them
We can no longer say to someone new---
remember the time when we did this...or that

From spring---to summer---to fall -----and then winter.....
Yet another year slips through our fingers, like water from a lake.
We can clasp time for only a moment before it's gone.
Yet in that moment we are able to quench our thirst
And so we keep moving on......