There is nothing fancy about Grubby's first project shown here.  There is hardly any detail in the wiring he did.  There is no mention of wire size or box size.  It's not meant to be a tutorial but is done to perhaps inspire someone else to do a similar thing and mostly to see the advantage of more outlets than usually needed.

Grubby was tired of being "outlet poor" and always unplugging something----in order to plug something else in.  Since he rarely runs more than one plugged in tool at a time, there really is no concern off overloading the circuit.  Grubby urges anyone else to see the advantage of more outlets than needed at once, but for the advantage of having everything plugged in and ready to go if at the flick of a switch.  You may want to consult your electrical code for the allowed number of outlets on one circuit.  So this was Grubby's solution and it works GREAT!!

As for the second project, the oil transfer pump, there is more detail on that.  But again, Grubby offers it as inspiration.  He hopes that someone finds this useful to look at, and to perhaps give them some ideas of their own. 

Grubby originally had two oil heating tanks with separate lines coming from each one and a valve to decide which one to feed the furnace from.  But the furnace kept failing due to air getting into the lines somewhere.  Grubby decided that rather than trying to chase down the problem, and worry about it failing again, he would put one straight line from one tank to the furnace.  So hence the reason for the transfer pump now, to transfer full in the second tank to the primary.  Since Grubby heats his home on a little less than a tank a year, the transfer pump will be only if 20-30 gallons more are needed some real cold winter.