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SubieOilTank_mini.jpg (4987 bytes)Subaru and oil tank, September 2000 adventure. May_early_mini.jpg (3389 bytes)Early May 2007 --projects like cat water dish that won't spill--used drawers installed in work bench--etc. May-mid_mini.jpg (2930 bytes)Mid May 2007 ---projects like striping old Wheelhorse for parts. May-end_mini.jpg (3163 bytes)Late May 2007 --projects like welder cart--exhaust for GMC--rebuilding Wheelhorse transmission.
saturday_04-28-07_mini.jpg (3163 bytes)Saturday Projects 4-28-07 --things like gas line for GMC--weld door hinges--and make a junk yard run for parts and other "treasures." Frame_mini.jpg (3148 bytes)Frame 6/2/07 ---GMC gets bed carrier frame adapted to fit it. Generator_mini.jpg (3492 bytes)Generator 6/2/07---generator gets a dolly built to go under it. Wheelhorse-tranny_mini.jpg (3531 bytes)Wheelhorse Tranny summer 2007---Finish rebuilding Wheelhorse tranny---Wheelhorse starts to go together.
Wheelhorse-rides_mini.jpg (3520 bytes)Wheelhorse Rides again summer 2007---Wheelhorse back together and working GREAT!! toyotaenginectomy_mini.jpg (3520 bytes)Toyota "Enginectomy" Fall 2007---Pull Toyota engine for use in Cletrac bulldozer next summer. hour-meter_mini.jpg (4805 bytes)Hour Meter, January 2008--installed to monitor furnace oil usage. gmc_repairs_part1_mini.jpg (4805 bytes)GMC Part-1 Repairs Nov 07--Prepare for bed removal.
gmc_repairs_part2_mini.jpg (4805 bytes)GMC Part-2 Repairs Nov 07--Remove bed--install gaslines--rustproof frame.. gmc_repairs_part3_mini.jpg (4805 bytes)GMC Part-3 Repairs Nov 07--reassemble truck after painting frame.. june28th2008_mini.jpg (3492 bytes)June 28th Weekend 2008---working on trailer property--painting--electrical---and bush trimming. july4th2008_mini.jpg (3531 bytes)July 4th Weekend 2008---working on trailer property---new shed roof and started well pit..
july12th2008_mini.jpg (4805 bytes)July 12th Weekend 2008--Finish most of the water meter pit--do some light plumbing--etc..... july19th2008_mini.jpg (4805 bytes)July 19th Weekend 2008--More at the trailer, wiring, plumbing, painting---and final cosmetics on the water meter pit. Grubby is gaining---slowly but surely. FF-cage_Aug2008.jpg (3492 bytes)Sept.2008 Funny Face's Window Box---"Yipeeee" says Funny Face. "My window box is finally completed;-)" cookieproject-oct2008-mini.jpg (2311 bytes)Cookie Project Oct 2008---this was an unexpected project that Grubby could just not refuse to do. It was just TOO important.
march15-2009_mini.jpg (4805 bytes)March 15th 2009--Rear brake replacement on 98 Lumina with construction of special tool for the job. dozer2009a_mini.jpg (4805 bytes)March-Engine For Dozer.--small Cletrac Dozer gets hauled into the garage and made ready for a new engine conversion. dozer2009a_mini.jpg (4805 bytes)June-09 dozer engine installed--finally the Toyota engine in the Oliver dozer is done enough so that it drives. august-2009_mini.jpg (4805 bytes)August-09 Dozer Finally "Dozes"--finally the dozer gets full hydraulics mounted and can now start pushing dirt!! Hoooray!!
dozer_08-31-09_mini.jpg (4805 bytes)Dozer gets wired...Pics are blurry as camera focus doesn't always work lately. Here are pics anyway. wheelhorse-again_2009-10-25_mini.jpg (4805 bytes)Wheelhorse broken AGAIN!..Axle snapped in half and transmission had to be removed to get at it. storm_01-03-10_mini.jpg (4805 bytes)Why I HATE WINTER..01-03-10--seems everything breaks down once the snow arrives.. 2010_04-21_gmc-tie-downs_mini.jpg (13918 bytes)Tie-downs for GMC truck...fabricating a new way to attach them.
2010_04-28_ford-dash-heater_mini.jpg (4805 bytes)Repair heater control...sounds easy eh?? Hahahahahahaha;-)) 2010_05-03_95-ford-shackle_mini.jpg (13918 bytes)1995 Ford shackle repair_05-03-2010--good ol' Maine salted roads rusts everything!! 2010_05-03_gmc-gastank_mini.jpg (4805 bytes)Gas tank for 97 GMC a bit more involved as I rustproofed the frame too. 2010_05-12_hard-drives_mini.jpg (13918 bytes)Destroying hard drives--making sure they are "DESTROYED"!!
2010_05-15_transmission-gasket_mini.jpg (4805 bytes)May 15th 2010-transmission pan gasket...a simple pan gasket replacement turned complicated. 2010_05-18_change-universal_mini.jpg (13918 bytes)1995 Ford universal repair_05-18-2010--a driveshaft universal replacement done by hand----without a press. 2010_05-18_transfer-case-seal_mini.jpg (3894 bytes)95 Ford transfer case gasket 2010_05-18...a lot of work to replace $1.09 gasket between the transmission and transfer case. 2010_05-21_weld-exhaust_mini.jpg (3933 bytes)Checking for exhaust leaks May 21st 2010--pressurized the exhaust system--off of the car---to check for any leaks after welding
2010_06-02_impala-ball-joint_mini.jpg (3460 bytes)2001 Impala ball joint replacement June 2nd 2010...This was a lot more involved than I thought it would be due to stubborn rivets. 2010_06-07_impala-spring_mini.jpg (3599 bytes)2001 Impala coil spring June 7th 2010--had to remove the rear strut to replace a broken coil spring on it. 2010_06-07_car-ramps_mini.jpg (3862 bytes)Simple and quick ramps---Grubby likes solid wood for a car to rest on so built this simple and quick ramps. 2010_06-15_gmc-fuel-pump_mini.jpg (3295 bytes)Replacing 97 GMC fuel pump---Grubby opted to take the bed off to get at the fuel pump.
2010_08-27_Impala-Window-Switch_mini.jpg (3460 bytes)2003 Impala window switch rebuild...if someone builds it, Grubby can usually figure a way to take it apart and fix it. 2010_09-04_desk-drawer_mini.jpg (13918 bytes)Grubby's Desk Gets A Drawer--Grubby is finally tired of not seeing the top of his desk so builds a cheap drawer to put the clutter in.. 2010_09-09_elec-drawer-mini.jpg (3625 bytes)Drawers for electronic parts...Grubby builds some nice drawers to hold parts for his electronics projects. 2010_10-02_lathe-1_mini.jpg (3933 bytes)Grubby buys a South Bend lathe--bringing home a winter's project for late 2010.
2010_12-02_truck-rims_mini.jpg (2962 bytes)Cleaning rusty rims...Grubby gets truck tires ready for winter and dresses up rusty rims. 2010_12-06_drill-press_mini.jpg (2940 bytes)Repairing old Montgomery Ward drill press...repairing a burn circuit board on this old drill press. 2010_12-11_garage-canopy_mini.jpg (3449 bytes)Roll up for garage door...adding a roll-up feature to this portable garage door. 2011_06-16_Wheelhorse.jpg (13771 bytes)THIRD TIME!!-Wheelhorse transaxle repair 6/16/11--this time it's a bad wheel bearing and seal.....
2011_06-06_new-roof_mini.jpg (14641 bytes)New Roof June 2011--Grubby decides between metal and shingles for a new roof on his home..... 2011_7-19_house-painted_mini.jpg (14901 bytes)Staining and Painting July 2011...Grubby decides to stain and paint his house. 2011_09-05_BreakerBox_mini.jpg (3449 bytes)New Breaker Panel...replacing old Sears 24 breaker panel with new Siemens 40. 2012_05-11_Impala-Masive-Air-Leak_mini.jpg (14641 bytes)Impala P0455 Code--Grubby replaces a faulty canister purge valve causing a check engine light.
2012_07-26_GMC-Brake-Band_mini.jpg (14641 bytes)2002 GMC Emergency Band--Grubby replaces the emergency brake band on his GMC. 2012_10-25_hand-well-pump_mini.jpg (14901 bytes)Oct 25,2012...Grubby builds a hand pump for his well.. 2012_10-26_Impala-water-pump-and-tubes_mini.jpg (14641 bytes) Oct 26,2012
2005 Impala
--Replace water pump and two cracked tubes.
2012_11-11_shallow-well-pump-installation_mini.jpg (14641 bytes)Nov 11, 2012 --Grubby installs a shallow well pump for his non-functioning deep well.
2012_11-14_bad-headlight-wire_mini.jpg (14641 bytes) Nov. 14, 2012
Grubby troubleshoots a headlight wire problem.
2012_11-30_cat-window-chamber_mini.jpg (14641 bytes) Nov. 30, 2012
Grubby bulds a window chamber to the cat cage, to keep the cold out.
2013_01-19-sand-blaster_mini.jpg (3449 bytes)Jan-2013 Sandblaster... building a stand for it....and a couple of other minor projects too. 2013_02-01_bench-outlets_oil-tank-pump_mini.jpg (4387 bytes)End of Jan. 2013 Projects--Grubby wires in an expansion of outlets and adds a transfer pump to heating oil tank.
2013_08-23_FunnyFaceTunnel_mini.jpg (14641 bytes) August 23rd 2013
Funny Face gets a cage addition.
2014_06-19_uni-lift_mini.jpg June 2014--Man-Lift Repair
Grubby gets waaaay more involved repairing his man-lift than he had planned....
2014_07-17_DIY-Truck-refrigerator_mini.jpg (3449 bytes)2014_07-17_DIY-Truck-refrigerator... building a refrigerator to run off of an inverter. 2014_08-06_Solenoid-isolator_mini.jpg (4387 bytes)2014_08-06 Solenoid isolator--Grubby wires in a battery isolater for a second battery in his truck.
2014_08-07_Truck-PC-Monitor_mini.jpg (14641 bytes) August 2014 add truck monitor.....Grubby adds monitor to truck for off road GPS tracking.

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