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The pic quality isn't the best---
but here are a few pics around the Byron Maine area.
This is the view of Mooselookmeguntic Lake---and the second pic is of the Bemis Mountain range to the left.
The view is to the west so sometimes a nice sunset can be caught.  This isn't a particular great pic.  Some
days are just soooo much clearer than others.  But it gives you an idea of what it's like.  Of course it's much
better seen for real---than in a pic.  The mountains and valley that extend to the left are huge and add to the
beauty of it all.
0736.jpg (61111 bytes)

0738.jpg (61124 bytes)

This is a pic of Coos Canyon.  It's not really a canyon but more just a worn spot through the ledges.  As you
can see it's near the road.  I've yet to catch it when the snow melts and the spring floods come rushing through. 
I'll bet it's a site to see then.
0746.jpg (63423 bytes)

And here is the pic of Angel Falls.  As you can see---Maine has it's own "man of the mountain"  The last time I
was up there though---some trees and branches had grown out and now cover a lot of the face.  So it will
probably soon be lost from view.  I'm glad I got the pics when I did.
0703.jpg (32477 bytes)

Hope you enjoyed this short tour of the Byron area ;-))
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