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byron-mini.jpg (3248 bytes)Byron, Maine---Angel Falls and Maine's Old Man of the Mountain, 2003 Grubby discovered rocks that look like NH's Old Man of the Mountain. Theirs fell down---but Maine's is still there. height-land-mini.jpg (3883 bytes)Mexico, Maine. "The Height of Land", 2005 an overlook above Mexico Maine where the Apalachian Trail crosses Route 17 and a hike into Long Pond. bharbor06-mini.jpg (3544 bytes)Bar Harbor, Maine, 2006  Grubby loves exploring Bar Harbor.  Here are pics from a few days spent there. streaked-mini.jpg (3458 bytes)South Paris, Maine--Streaked Mountain 2006 another climb that Grubby has returned to many times.
cog-mini.jpg (3482 bytes)NH Cog Railway, Fall 2006 Grubby only got to go 1/2 way up it but plans to return another day. fortknox-mini.jpg (3795 bytes)Near Bucksport, Maine, 9/30/07 Grubby explores Fort Knox and the new Bucksport Bridge Observatory on his way to Bar Harbor harborsunrise-mini.jpg (2684 bytes)Bar Harbor, Maine, 10/1/07 Grubby can't get up here enough.  This is Monday October 1, 2007 harborcafe-mini.jpg (4457 bytes)Bar Harbor, Maine, 10/2/07Grubby's favorite cafe and more..
harbor2007b-mini.jpg (4206 bytes)Bar Harbor, Maine, 11/13/07  Still MORE of the Harbor---as Grubby continues his mission to hike all 45 miles of the carriage trails in Acadia Park. nearbttrails2-mini.jpg (3942 bytes)Topsham, Maine, summer 2007---nearby trails that grubby likes to wander around on. They are short and yet have a nice little river to follow along with some pretty views. BarHarbor_4-19-08_mini.jpg (3842 bytes)Bar Harbor, Maine, 4/19/08  Grubby heads to the Harbor to explore more of the carriage trails. Here are pics from a few days spent there. BarHarbor_4-20-08_mini.jpg (3150 bytes)Bar Harbor, Maine, 4/20/08 Grubby was hoping to complete his quest to finish hiking ALL of the carriage trails. But he still has about 8 miles to go out of the 50.
cog-mini.jpg (3482 bytes)Bar Harbor Oct 10, 2008 Grubby returns to finish hiking the 45 miles of carriage trails. The weather was SUPER!! fortknox-mini.jpg (3795 bytes)Bar Harbor Oct 11, 2008 Yes--YES!! Grubby finishes hiking / walking ALL of carriage trails in Acadia Park. morse-mountain_2008_11-01-mini.jpg (2684 bytes)Morse Mountain, 11/1/08 Over a mountain and to the beach----a nice little moderate hike near Bath Maine.  It was a beautiful day for it. 2010_Local-Trails-mini.jpg (4457 bytes)2010-local trail Grubby checks out the swollen river along a local trail.
2010_The-Tracks.jpg (3482 bytes)2010-walking the tracks Grubby Grubby walks the tracks and reminisces of days gone buy, when the railroads were strong. 2012_07-20_Height-Land.jpg (3482 bytes)The Height of Land Grubby revisits a couple of favorite spots 2013_5-1_birds-moose-hiking-mini.jpgSpring 2013 Trip North to the Height of Land again. Grubby sees a MOOSE this time. Well....sorta. 2013_06-30_4-Ponds-from-Rt.4-mini.jpg (3795 bytes)June 30, 2013 hike..Grubby explores alternative way into 4 ponds area.
2013_07-06_Solon-contraption-mini.jpg (3248 bytes)Solon Maine, contraption.. Grubby checks out a weird contraption at a scenic outlook in Solon ME. 2013_09-07_Brunswick-town-commons-mini.jpg (3883 bytes)Sept. 7, 2013 Brunswick Town Commons A nice place for walks and picnics. 2013_09-08-trip into four ponds-mini.jpg (3544 bytes)Sept. 8, 2013 trip into four ponds  A favorite area that grubby enjoys going back to. 2013_09-18_Moxie-Falls_mini.jpg (3544 bytes)Sept. 18, 2013 trip into Moxie Falls  Grubby heads North to check out Moxie Falls
2013_09-20_Tumbledown-mini.jpg (3883 bytes)Sept. 20,2013 Tumbledown Mountain in Byron, ME  It's been about 25 years since Grubby last climbed it. 2013_09-24-Streaked_mountain-hike-mini.jpg (3248 bytes)Sept. 24, 2013 Streaked Mountain.  Grubby has hiked up Streaked many times before. 2014_06-21_Bald-Mountain-mini.jpg (3883 bytes)June 19, 2014 Bald and Speckled Mountains Grubby returns to an old favorite hike. 2014_07-06_Rt4-to-Rt17_Logging-Rds-mini.jpg (3883 bytes)July 6, 2014 Logging Road Crossing--  Grubby explores logging road crossing from Rt.4 to Rt.17 in Maine
2014_07-29_Singepole-Mt-mini.jpg (3248 bytes)2014_07-29 Singepole Mountain.  It's been almost 30 years since Grubby was here last. 2014_07-27_Snow-Falls-mini.jpg (3883 bytes)2014_07-27
Snow Falls, in Maine easy access picnic area on Rt. 26.

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